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Know your options by studying the law {including Civil Rights and Civil Liberties}, critical thinking, philosophy, cultural anthropology, poetry, social psychology, history, religion, geography to understand many points of view to try to accept, tolerate, and coexist.

Study cultural anthropology and communications to discreetly become aware of personalities and consider disassociating from apathetic, corrupt, indifferent, and toxic people in your personal life.

I am a honorably discharged US Army veteran and a former board of directors of a non-profit organization. I suggest reading and listening:

Stephen Crane (1871 - 1900) wrote The Red badge of Courage and nine other books.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 – 1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain

Smedley Darlington Butler (1881 – 1940) received Two US Congressional Medal of Honor ... author of "War is a Racket"

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower (1890 – 1969) Americans especially the US military still ignore his final speech as president on Tuesday, 17 January 1961 regarding the Military-Industrial Complex.

The military industrial media complex is an offshoot of the military-Industrial Complex.

Ronald Lawrence Kovic (born 4 July 1946) anti-war activist, veteran and writer who was paralyzed in the Vietnam War. He is best known as the author of the memoir Born on the Fourth of July

New information on famous brands, labels, products, services,people, public and private organizations to include secret societies can convince you to like them more or it can make dislike them.

-- Before admiring and supporting people and organizations, look beyond their approved and sanctioned images to research their deeds.

-- How people and organizations attain wealth, authority, power especially how they keep them reveals their personality and character.