Max Schatz

Student in Mexico City, Mexico

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What’s up, I’m Max. I’m a student living in Mexico City. I am a fan of travel, arts, and sports. I got to enjoy all of this things together last semester when I went studying abroad in Barcelona. Because of my adaptability and communication skills I made friends really quickly and got to enjoy different cultures in a short spam of time. With this experience I found out im really independent and self-directed. Everyday I went to a some place new in the city seeking adventure. With friends or by myself I visited many bars and clubs with live music from which I gathered songs I loved. You can listen to my music with a click on the button above.

Im a really friendly, enthusiastic and flexible guy so hit me up whenever if you want to talk about the music or even sports or astronomy. I would love to hear your opinion about the playlist. Im confident you'll like it.

My biography is available here just click this sentence... It's in spanish tho'