Maxsell Kumar

Maxsell is a leading Office Automation Brand in India. Innovative products which meet stringent quality & safety requirements make Maxsell most long standing products in terms of performance. Maxsell an ISO Certified brand has products which have passed many international certificate requirements like CE, RoHS, FCC, etc. Backed by lifetime supply of parts, Maxsell products have always delighted the customers with Performance and after sales service support. S R Scales is glad to be one of the strongest associates of Maxsell and We offer same world class service to our customers irrespective of the territory they belong to.

We offer some latest note counting machines with super fake detection capability. These machines are used by Top banks in India and all types and sizes of business. As the circulation of fake notes have been increasing massively across the country our Maxsell note counting and detection machines are helping our customers run their business safe from Fake notes. MX50i & MX50i Turbo highly precise performance & excellent after sales services give immense value for every customer. Most of our customers are acquired due to our excellent after sales service given to our existing customers.