Max Shrek

Fragville Junction, New York

Max Shrek, co-creator of The Pencil Arcade (,) the gaming wing of Four Tokens Media.

The Pencil Arcade takes a look at the gaming life of a couple of gamers, Pencil Shavings and Einstein, and their basement dwelling, opinionated, and sometimes rude friends. They include, in no particular order: Judas Zirconian, Cosa Nostradamus, Ichabod Twilite, Skitch, MaxShrek, and the evil disembodied voice they refer to as... "Dad." Having a fairly large collection of videogames obtained in many ways- legal and/or otherwise- they've been playing and wasting countless hours of productive time in their hobby, their agony, their ecstasy.. the videogames (and pinball for that matter.)

They don't always have interesting things to say, as they've been keeping relatively quiet the past year or so, but they've been writing and posting and gaming consistantly. One of these days they even hope to kick Gamer X's ass at Halo or something like that. As long as it's not a fighting game.

The primary source of interactive fun for the guys are the XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3, non-network and all. There's also a Gamecube, a Dreamcast, and old grey PSX, a GameGear, a bunch of emulators for old consoles and arcades- there's even a slightly temperamental slot machine in The Basement!

Follow their opinions and what-nots on the links provided, we waste internet space on pretty much all of the silly services. We've even got a MySpace page somewhere! Soon we hope to be getting out to shoot more videos and just basically have fun making fun.

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    • Gravediggers Registration Unit
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    • National Embalming School