Max Studio

Max Studio is a global corporation producing leading-edge fashion design for modern women. Sold through Max Studio stores, boutiques, web and major department stores around the world, Max Studio offers top quality fabrics and innovative styles.

Founded in 1979 by designer Leon Max, Max Studio reflects the fashion standard of today's women. In order to provide clothing of unwavering caliber Max Studio pursues superior fabrics, yarns and leather goods globally. Max Studio focuses on head-turning shapes and silhouettes creating distinguished looks for every occasion. Signature boutiques, in store instillations and website merchandise are replenished every two weeks, providing endless options for customers.

The well rounded philosophy of Max Studio permeates all aspects of our brand and business network. The Max Studio Network includes our ever-expanding web of retails, manufacturers and distributors who share the Max Studio vision and a passionate dedication to quality.

If you would like to become integrated in the global network of Max Studio, please contact us at for more information.