Maxwell Bongo

Cebu, Philippines

Everyone calls me MAX, more often I am called MAXIE. The name itself sounded like a panty shield or a napkin per-say, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I am starting this blog to track my travels and most of all to achieve this one promise I told myself which was to TRAVEL 30 PLACES before turning 30. I am an outdoorsy person, a thrill-seeker, a beach-bum, a nature lover (eye’s rolling) and most of all I like to travel.

I have been travelling to some places for quite sometime now but I’ve never tracked or blogged about them. So here I am starting anew and will definitely talk about the where to’s , the to do’s and the dont’s and most of all will share my experiences to everyone.

Just to add a little, I’m a photographer (hobbyist), a certified frustrated singer, a frustrated chef, and designer (graphic designer).

You can also follow me on twitter (akosimaxxx) and on instagram ( maxwellslens ).

  • Work
    • Lexmark CS Spare Parts Administrator
  • Education
    • Degree Holder - Bachelor of Science in Information Management