Maxwell Mozes

Boston | New York City

Maxwell's background in marketing, sales, and business, has prepared him to enter related and growth industries online and in entertainment.

You can find Maxwell at working in corporate sales operations. Amazon has sales teams, and they enjoy doing things quickly, efficiently, and with the best tools available. Max builds, implements, and regulates those programs. Sales operations came after being directly in a sales role at Amazon for two years, working with customers and internal employees, learning what system improvements and actions benefit the org from an operational perspective. Before B2B Sales, Maxwell helped launch Amazon Register - Amazon's mobile credit card reader and payment tool.

He joined Amazon after 2 years with LevelUp - a leading mobile payment firm headquartered in Boston. Over his time at LevelUp Maxwell helped build the LevelUp merchant base through Inside Sales, engage the customer-base by being the #1 sales rep on the Ad-sale Team, and manage LevelUp's critical accounts as Senior Account Manager to LevelUp's enterprise accounts in Boston, California, DC, New York City, Seattle, and Utah.

Previously Maxwell managed social media campaigns as a Community Manager for Likeable Media for clients such as Verizon, Sports Club/LA and Medtroinc.

While at Q Prime Artist Management in New York, Maxwell worked closely to promote on the web, iconic enterainment brands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Groban, and Metallica.

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