Maxwell Randolph

Lubbock, Texas, United States

My name is Maxwell Randolph, and I am a freshman majoring in finance at the Texas Tech Rawls College of Business. I know that I want to go the business route, but I have not chosen specifically what I want to do for a career. Currently I am involved in Freshman Council and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. My best qualities are leadership, working well with others, and determination which qualifies me to be an excellent employee in my future. Considering that I don’t know exactly what I want my career to be, I don’t have any specific goals. I do know that before I make any career choices, I would like to attend graduate school. Although I have no specific career in mind, I know that business will be a major aspect of whatever career I end up choosing. In all, I hope that a background in business will help me in either starting up a business of my own, or excelling in a solid, lifelong career.

  • Education
    • Texas Tech University