Maxfield Wiseltier

Real Estate Salesperson in New York

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I love music and encourage you to check out my Spotify Profile. You can explore my taste in music while learning about my background!

I am a recent graduate of NYU's Stern School of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management and with a joint minor in Computer Science and Math.

Now, I am working towards my Real Estate Salesperson License. I intend to work as an agent to learn the market, expand my network. Then, I'd like invest and develop my own portfolio of properties.

Recently, I'm honed my sales skills at, a 3D printing startup looking to help small businesses grow with agile manufacturing. As a Customer Success Manager, I help to optimize Matter's user experience. I educated prospective customers, drive sales, and give feedback to the team, in hopes of providing a better service going forward.

Before that, I served as project manager at BeautifulNow, a small digital media startup. I helped manage their site, content production, social channels, newsletter, and recruiting. I also led the BeautifulNow mobile app launch. I shaped BeautifulNow’s strategies across all of our different social networks, and love seeing the platforms grow and develop. I created and directly manage our Facebook ad campaigns and grew the Facebook page from 400k to 1,000,000+ likes.

I have designed web pages at Curioroad and Six Spoke Media, I optimized the QA process at Yext Inc, served as a sales rep at SinglePlatform, and much more!

At NYU, I took courses in Python, HTML/CSS, and Java. I've also dabbled with Objective C as well, and would love to become fluent!

  • Education
    • New York University Stern School of Business