Maxx McNall

I come to the graduate program at Quinnipiac looking to study in public relations after just having graduated from the University this year with a bachelor's degree in print journalism. I see myself as an aspiring athletic administrator one day and believe a training in public relations would be key in today's modern world.

As evidenced by my background photo, I was born and raised in a small town in northern Vermont called Fairfax. A mere 2,000 people inhabit this rural town and I am a part of a fifth generation farming family. The amount of work the family puts in cannot be understated as I fully understand the meaning of hard work watching my father wake up at 3 a.m. every morning to milk the cows, but never complaining once. He is one of my heroes and his dedication and passion in farming is something I want in my life more than anything. I pride myself in attempting to put everything I have into what makes me most happy and in my case that is clearly sports.

Throughout the past five years I have written high school and college game stories. I covered high school championships in softball, baseball, basketball, and football, rivalry games, and college playoff games in multiple sports. I came to Quinnipiac with the intent on becoming a sports journalist but the opportunities just were not there for me like they are in public relations.

In the summer of 2011, I was chosen as the Public Relations Intern for the WNBA's Connecticut Sun. I assisted the media relations department on game note production, web content, statistical analysis, data entry, event support, photography, player interviews, media credentials, and game setup. During my time with the Sun I was thrown right into their department and was dealt a great deal of responsibility. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Sun and I owe it to them for discovering my love for public relations.

I enter graduate school with a graduate assistant position with Quinnipiac sports information. My role resembles the same responsibilities I had with the Sun, only the seven sports teams I represent are my clients and it is my duty to make them look as good as possible.

I hope these next two years in the master's program will teach me the skills and show me how to be the best I can be in the world of public relations. The dream is there, I know I have the passion, and I can guarantee I will work vigorously to reach those goals and achieve what I want most.