Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionist is used in a business and refers to an individual who can answer the phone or perform the duties of on-site receptionist, but is not located at the primary business location. All customer service representatives, appointed schedulers and answering service agents are classified as virtual receptionist if they are working at the remote location or working from the off-site location. In most of the cases, they are working from home office. An organization that employs virtual employees often does so, to mainly improve the customer service by extending hours of availability & covering all time zones to save money. The role includes taking all incoming calls and these calls are for product ordering or if there are any questions pertaining to the product. For example, all medical staffing companies employ virtual workers to answer incoming calls after hours & schedules temporary worker to fill in at the area hospital that is short staffed.

How does virtual receptionist works?

Virtual receptionist works for an organization as an independent contractor rather than permanent employee. There are some exceptions and some of them hire remote workers. There is pro and con in every situation. So seeking employment as remote worker should consider carefully. Normally the arrangement is made between the worker & the organization. The worker will have all the flexibility to work from home and the employer can save cost on computer hardware, operating costs, electricity and so on. Since the job description and tile can vary of a remote worker,, job seekers should use caution while looking for these types of positions.