Maxym Martineau

Mesa, Arizona

Maxym Martineau was born in March, 1990 in Baltimore,Maryland and grew up in Mesa, Arizona where she went to Arizona State University.
At Arizona State University, she first pursued a degree in Biology, only to find that her true calling was literature. She first switched to Creative Writing, but ultimately decided that a degree in English Language and Literature suited her better. In 2012, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree and entered the workforce so that she could spend more time focusing on her first novel, Kael: The Awakening.

Despite the fact that she entered college as a science major, Maxym had been writing and revising Kael: The Awakening from the time she was 13. She first got the inspiration for her novel after experiencing a particularly vivid dream about a girl shrouded in both black and white light. From that moment on, Kael was born. As Maxym completed high school and college, she revised, scrapped, revised again, and eventually decided that it was time for her to book to meet the public eye. After a long and drawn out internal debate, she decided to self-publish in lieu of the traditional, literary agent/publishing house route. And so, with the help of some good friends, artists, editors, and web designers, she finally determined to publish Kael: The Awakening in November of 2013 through Amazon with original art and content. Here is the link to view her work!

Maxym still resides in Mesa so she can remain in close contact with her family and friends. She is currently in the process of writing two different novels: the sequel to Kael: The Awakening (the title has yet to be announced) and the first book of anew series, which will be released after the conclusion of Kael’s Journey, which is likely to be a three book series.

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