Max Zago


"Being a designer is like being a chef. If you have good fantasy,always you can always create beautiful things, but you must love what you do."

Max Zago is a veteran sports product designer whose 19 years in the industry have seen him break new ground in aesthetics and technology. In trail blazing work for Nike in Oregon, Max, as senior designer, created the world's first colored and all-synthetic football boots for Brazil legend Ronaldo,Romario,Figo。。。。。。。。。. Max has worked closely with some of the greatest sports stars of the last two decades, including Roberto Baggio,Bugno,Bordin, Marco Van Basten, Romario,Figo and Shaqille O'Neill, to produce beautiful, dynamic, effective sports footwear.

For the last six years, as chief designer, Max has helped establish the design pedigree of Chinese sportswear giant Li Ning, during which time they have become the biggest sportswear producer in Asia.

Before moving into sports design, Max was an industrial designer for Bertone and his love of motor vehicles continues to inspire his work today.

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    • Designer
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    • University Doctorate Degree