may lin

This summer's hot days children almost breathless. The sun is really too much, ultraviolet light is particularly strong. People worry about the sun brought me good luck, you ask what is luck? Wealth. You want to know? That is open to a cool, shady sun, hat shop.

Brought me wealth is the Cheap New Era Sale. Hot summer scorching sun, who do not want to choose a suitable hat to block the sun, and secondly, they can be enriched by this body for their own clothes. Hat here is my own design, processing, and the beginning of time, I just received from others, then see the same goods on the market, nothing special, so I bought the internationally popular book, learn their own hands, make your own. Really did not expect the market. Girl dress are fastidious with, I am under the popular clothing styles and fabrics market, design a the several matching hat and backpacks, some Miss me one election is two or three sets. I have here is more and more orders. Original only one person shop, the addition of several helper. In fact, making a hat nothing difficult, you see many materials can be used, not expensive, this paper series, costs only a few cents, but the mall can be sold for hundreds of dollars, look at this, is a very common bamboo, with only a few dollars, how, pretty good. However, how much money to do this business, but also how much money each year? Or to ask the real boss. "I have here the production of hats in addition to the retail part, most are wholesale a shopping mall, the economic benefits? In addition to the processing hat I also tried to do the trim package, due to the unique design, very popular with people like . "

It seems that in order to make money, creativity and ideas really is indispensable. However, with good ideas, you'll have to act quickly to avoid the market before anyone else took, if that is the case, you may be too late.