Maya Evia

Maya is a visionary professional with extensive experience in the Mental-Heath and Well-Being Sector. She believes in giving through volunteerism, self development and community engagement. She has the ability to see growth potential in others, combined with a genuine drive to help people: She loves to give generously, deliver with passion, and inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Maya holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master in Business Administration and her expertise includes Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Training & Development.

She is the founder of Happy Newcomer, a not-for-profit Organization who helps Newcomers to develop specific Life and Soft Skills to be used in the management of personal affairs. As part of Happy Newcomer Networking Community, Maya provides advice and direction for social change and settlement to new immigrants in Canada by cultivating their capacity for a Happy Life.

Fluent in English, French, and Spanish Maya served for ten years as a CEO in her own Learning and Development Centre, where she worked with families, children, and youth, showing high proficiency building networks, managing staff/volunteers and services coordination. She worked as well with a variety of non profit organizations, developing and managing relationships with diverse community groups and implementing innovative programs.

A dynamic, compassionate and creative individual, Maya is thrilled to have the opportunity to share experiences and participate in innovative projects.