Maya Hadley

Student in Durham, North Carolina

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"-Maya Angelou. These words of the great Maya Angelou defines everyone's story. In order for you to be have to tell your story. Hello, my name is Maya Hadley and I am from Waterbury, Connecticut. I am a rising sophomore at North Carolina Central University. Where I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Business is a vast major, where many individual can take different directions. After graduating, I plan to go to Business School at Emory University.My ultimate goal is to become an efficient Business Operations Manager.

One word that describes the most is determined. I never fully knew my worth until I attended North Carolina Central University.Although being hundreds of miles away,the transition has shaped me to become more independent.Along with being away from my family. It made me realize that it is more to life. In addition, you have to make the best of any situation. While starting my journey at North Carolina Central University, this university has made me more well-rounded. As well as being open minded .

While attending NCCU,my purpose is to soar with greater achievements. Which is academically and socially. With the help of God ,my family , and the NCCU family, I know that I can accomplish anything.

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