Maya Lee

Maya was born (19 April 1994) and remains in Pres. Epitacio, SP – Brazil. Worked nearly two years at a school, despite hating numbers had six months of experience in a financial. When not writing / reading / drawing, have class of Clothing Industry and advanced classes in Brazilian Sign Language - going to be a interpreter in October. Was in music world for two years, was part of a music band, played trumpet and quit to take care of her grandmother in last stage of cancer.

Began to write screenplays throughout her adolescence, inspired after watching a film of Charlie Chaplin. During this period was born four screenplays, two of them will turn ebook (The Bad Girl and Colors of Death). November 2012 she began writing her first literary work - Colors of Death. Intensely focused and in silence, spends nights writing in a typewriting machine accompanied by a glass of wine.

  • Work
    • Writer & Clothing Industry