Maya Amina Harrison

Maya Amina Harrison


Baltimore City/Washington DC

Undergraduate Senior at the University of Maryland College Park, Majoring in Studio Art and Minoring in Art History. GPA: 3.5 (cumulative)

UMD Department of Art Honors Student 2014-15

UMD Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA) Scholarship Awardee 2014-15


Herman Maril Gallery Assistant. Fall 2013.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship (Intro. to Art Theory). Spring 2013.

Gallery 88/Anthony Liggins Gallery Administrative Assistant (Intern). Summer 2014.

Group Exhibitions:

Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI) Awareness through Art Event. Fall 2012

Sadat Art for Peace Reception. Spring 2013

Sadat Art for Peace Reception. Spring 2014.

Artist’s Statement :

Any word, image, action, or idea means much more to an individual than its dictionary definition. This hidden meaning is developed through experience, and is unique to each person. Learning to understand and manifest the personal vocabulary is central to the art-making experience. The exercise of developing the personal vocabulary is crucial to understanding oneself; it can give insight on how one interacts with others, how one interacts with the world around them, giving voice to the inner life which otherwise defies logical analysis. This functions to alleviate the psychic tension that arises from uncertainty and unquantifiability of human experience. For me, this is a continual process that I find crucial not only to artistic process but to the upkeep of my emotional and psychological life.

My work centers on the ritualization of intellectual process and on an intuitive understanding of my own psychology. I surrender to the compulsion to explore mysticism through history and science, documenting these scattered musings. I am currently concerned with the emergence of mystic ritual (in ancient human populations and in contemporary times) to address or rectify psychic tension or internal conflict. My work is now tending towards the conception of my own ritualistic practices (drawing, object-making, and object manipulation) which are informed by curiosity in the various afore-mentioned disciplines.

An intellectual journey is manifested artistically with symbols that represent my own understa