Maya T

Maya T

I climb into the boxcar and close the lap bar over my legs. This is it. Thoughts engulf my brain as the car slowly ascends up the hill. It stops. My heart thumps faster than a rabbits foot. Staring at the clear blue sky. Staring at a blank paper, my hand gripping the pencil. I'm nervous. I'm confused. I can't think straight. Click click drop! The car turns over the top. I'm dropped. My stomach turns. I'm immediately exhilarated. I write, I write, I write. I cannot write all these ideas down fast enough. I take in a breath. The big drop is over, the coaster eases a little. I will never know what to expect from my writing; twists, turns, or loops. Every ride is different whether its a bumpy ride or a smooth one, I let my mind lead me. I won't know what the next piece's journey is or where it will take me. Each rollercoaster gives me a rush of ideas. As a writer I am crazy, wild, and free.

Background photo by Jo Jakeman


Below you will find my linked 20% time research pieces. It includes:

written project proposal

video project pitch

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7-10 interview questions and responses

interview reflection blog post