Maya Boutique Hotel

Nax, Valais, Switzerland

In October of 2012, we opened the Maya Boutique Hotel in Nax, in the Swiss region of Valais.
The Maya Boutique Hotel is the first hotel in Europe, if not in the world, to be built entirely using straw bales. It is one of the few hotels built ecologically from the beginning. We took 250 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and stocked them into the walls.

In the mid-1800s the mechanical straw-baler was introduced, homesteaders in the Great Plains began opting for straw in construction. This was particularly evident in the north-western Nebraska “sand-hills” area during the homesteading period of the early 1900’s.

The "New Eco Life Style" is a central element of the operating philosophy. Mainly natural materials such as wood, straw, granite, clay, and limestone were used. Solar thermal systems to generate warm water were installed, with the aim to render the Maya Boutique Hotel energetically self-sufficient. We produce fresh hot water for the showers, the washing machines, the dishwashers etc. by absorbing the excess heat of a wood fired stove (
With this type of construction we need no conventional heating or air conditioning system, although the Maya Boutique Hotel is built at an altitude of 1,300 meters in the Alps.

Various TV reportages were made about this place ( and French TV France5 on October 30 2013 on “Eco Logis”).

The Maya Boutique Hotel was nominated for the Swiss Tourism Award Milestone 2013 and in 2015 for the World Boutique Hotel Awards. The results will be announced in October of this year.

This is the prototype of the hotel of the future. A healthy living climate, natural materials and a unique guest experience gives luxury travel a new definition.

Investors are welcome to contact us for more information.

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