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Diabetes is also known among the common people. This disease is caused by the disorder. Sugar control in the body. Which is caused by several mechanisms. Depending on the cause and type of disease. It is known as diabetes. Cause complications such as eye, kidney, heart and kidney disease, for those who are diabetic then. Resulting from either disease directly. And other conditions such as those found in diabetic patients with hypertension. And infections of the urinary tract. Etc. This article discusses only. Kidney complication. Directly caused by diabetes. With a focus on prevention. And treatment is important. Benefits for People with diabetes and their relatives. Because cognition. About the disease and how to practice. Helps to maintain the results. And may prevent Or delay the occurrence of various complications. Have now found that one major cause of diabetes. Of renal failure. , in the U.S., Europe and Japan have renal failure patients. The cause of diabetes increased This may partly be due. The prevalence of other types of kidney decline. Patients with diabetes have a longer life. For some countries. Medical renal disease. Also found that patients with renal failure. Of diabetes.joey atlas scam The rate increased as well.

Kidney complication occurs when

kidney complication. Directly caused by diabetes. The disease usually occurs after at least five years, but most often occurs 15-25 years after the initial symptoms appeared not to know. Although a blood test. I know of a urine test. Protein, which is not much in the early stages. The protein will gradually Increasing order. It may be the loss of protein in the urine. Proteins in the blood decreased. And patients have swelling occurs. During this time the work of the kidneys. May be a good or a little lower. Subsequently, based on renal function. Be reduced by an order of the occurrence of renal failure. Proteinnuria period. Renal failure until 4-5 years of average uncertainty notable is when the disease progresses to the stage with a lot of protein in the urine. Whether the treatment in any way. View more details in ( Was unable to inhibit the occurrence of renal failure, thus preventing the need to do so since the beginning. Before the pr

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