Maya Marie Forbes

Recent Law Graduate, Communication Scientist, and Artist in Detroit, Michigan

Maya Marie Forbes

Recent Law Graduate, Communication Scientist, and Artist in Detroit, Michigan

Seven years ago I would have laughed if anyone told me I'd go to law school. I had a well paying job in retail management and was just settling into my late twenties.

But life can be crazy- taking you to places you never knew even existed. My life took me to law.

I am from a family that has with each passing generation become consumed by an ever iterating cycle of poverty. Although my parents received post graduate degrees from MSU and UofM, other more dominate life circumstances dictated the lifespans of their financial existence.

So, I sold my clothing-my furniture-my car- took out loans and here I am. I had always been book smart- but law school showed me there was so much more of life I had yet to explore.

I had spent the majority of life immersed in the arts. I have always loved photography (I took the picture on this page).

I was a set designer for Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit; an apprentice at Detroit's historic Pewabic Pottery; a Visual Arts major/ Vocal minor at the Detroit Arts High School; and coach and member of a collegiate poetry slam team that placed third in the nation.

My mother enjoys telling others how before I could walk I'd crawl to the piano and create melodies on its keys. Because a piano is hard to transport, I spend most of my time now plucking the strings of my Hondo guitar.

My favorite times are the occasions I get to play music with my 17 year old nephew, Karran.

I spent life as a young adult touring the country performing poetry and music; opening for some of my role models such as Saul Williams, the Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni, and John Legend.

As an artist by nature I have always found myself to be highly sensitive to both the beautiful and ugly in life. Over time I discovered that I could not positively influence the world to the extent I desired through art alone.

I had to do something that could induce tangible change. That something was law school. Now that I have graduated I see nothing but opportunity ahead.

My life is the canvas- my hard work is the brush- and the change I wish to see has become the work of art.

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