Maya Munoz

Student, Photographer, and Filmmaker in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hi, I’m Maya Muñoz, a student at Mount Vernon Presbyterian. Living in Atlanta, Georgia but originally raised in Miami, Florida and was born in Los Angeles, California. Living in so many places created my love and inspiration in traveling and photography.

The quote I live by is “Excellence does not require perfection” said by Henry James. It made me the person I am today and helped me with my values and strengths that I live by everyday. To be the best me does not require perfection. My 5 values are happiness, creativity, risk taker, family, achievement and success. Happiness, is to love the people around you and love yourself in everything you do. Creativity is the best form to express myself and I must be a risk taker to express myself openly. Family is what strengthens my values and fuels me to be excellent. Achievement and success is what drives my creativity and happiness. From those values, I believe it has had a big impact on what my passion is now, film. Film and videography are things that I take very seriously. I like to think of myself as someone with a creative mind who can be inspirational to others through my film and art. As a young 17 year old teenage girl in high school I have experiences challenges as most teenagers do. I’ve struggled. Through film, I want to share my stories and inspire others who are also struggling- letting them know they aren’t alone and they too can be excellent. I want my art and film making to have a positive effect on those around me and make a positive impact on others to help them to be inspired to be excellent.

When trying to be the best leader you must be capable of the responsibilities. Many leaders have different styles of leading, I lead by support and listening. Tested on Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0, my biggest strengths are adaptability, positivity, and maximizer. Realizing that those are my strengths help me to become the best kind of leader I can possibly be.