Mayank Panchal

Software Engineer in Vadodara, India

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I am a Mobile Application Developer with nearly 3 years of experience in software analysis, application development and project execution for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform.

I have experienced in working directly with client, business managers and technical teams for executing concurrent projects.

I have proficiency in technical documentation, designing wireframes, Structuring backend APIs and project architecture and development along with unit testing for Mobile Application Development.

I have experienced in working with Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Drone SDK for Android.

Project Undertaken

1.ADAA- Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

The ADAA Application facilitates the viewing of publications and press releases produced by the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority.

The application is dual language available in both Arabic and English.

The viewing of documents will depend on the level of access as approved through a simple registration process.



Smart.IO is a patent pending hardware and software toolkit that allows an embedded system to build UI on an Android device with no wireless or app coding.

The Smart.IO hardware module converts API calls from the embedded system to commands that the Smart.IO Android app executes to create the UI using the BLE interface.

Smart IO connects with BLE device view Bluetooth. BLE sending predefined command and device receive that command and make a dynamic UI as per the requirement.



WhosThat is the prototype application developed for Philippine client.

The application is based on Face Recognitionconcept.

IT takes person face by capturing using inbuilt camera and detects the face in the captured image.

Using Microsoft cognitive face API, the detected face is recognized from existing registered users to identify face and also get similar faces.


The application also known as eHealth Care Services.

It is company’s product base application for health care industries.

The app consists of various management and reporting functionalities.

5.ICHI Software

The application is develop for inspection of properties in USA.

It Schedule an inspection, Create a report, Inspection Agreement , and conduct day-to-day business from any device, anytime, anywhere.