Mayank Gupta

Accounting in Sunnyvale, California

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Address: 260 North Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Ph NO: (408) 431-8405

Mayank Gupta is currently serving as Senior Manager at SOAProjects, Inc., and has a great depth of corporate accounting experience that helps him thrive in this position. As a chartered accountant from India and having cleared certified public accountant examination in the USA, Mayank Gupta began his professional journey in March 2006 when he took a role at Deloitte, where he worked in the core assurance division as an associate. Since August 2017, Mayank Gupta has been the senior manager of technical accounting at his current company. Here he applies his expertise in U.S. GAAP to provide guidance on accounting issues and the application of regulatory pronouncements to the company’s clients.