Mayank kumar Kushwaha

New Delhi

I'm a recent engineering graduate from India, specializing in Information Technology.

During my professional life, I attended some so called soft skill courses. In these lesions I learned a lot about communication techniques, negotiation strategies and team dynamics.

My favorite breakdown of emotional intelligence is:

Intrapersonal intelligence describes the ability to have positive relationships and/or good communication between people. This means that you understand what people fell and need. The key competences of intrapersonal intelligence are:
Sense of Self:
– recognize the own feelings, emotions and reactions
– mindfulness to get a better awareness
– controlling the current inner state
– bring own automatic reactions to mind and interrupt
Personal leadership
– know and lead the parts of your own personalty
– care about own strengths and weaknesses
Interpersonal intelligence describes the introspective and self-reflective capacities. Know your self, your emotions and what your weaknesses or strengths are, being able to control your own reactions. The key competences of interpersonal intelligence are:
– recognize the feelings and emotions of others
– express sympathy in anappropriate way
Reduction of Automatic Reciprocal Effects
– bring automatic reactionswith othersto mind and interrupt (if needed)
Creating Relationships
– create mid- and long-term relations with others

You'll mostly find me reading (predominantly tech and psychology), watching esoteric movies, listening to Indian music, or programming.

Right now, the way to reach me is via email and my contact...

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