Mayank (Max) Prasad

Entrepreneur and Computer Engineer in Tempe, AZ

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Mayank (Max) Prasad has a Masters in Computer Engineering from Arizona State University. He works as an Applications Engineer at Microchip Technology. His professional work lies in the field of embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Leadership Development.

Mayank (Max) has an entrepreneurial mindset. A few years ago, Mayank (Max) was introduced to a few extremely successful entrepreneurs. After a short conversation with them, he realized that their success came from not what they were doing but how they were thinking. A lightbulb went off and he decides to seek mentorship from them to learn the success mindset and principles. Today Mayank (Max) is the biggest proponent of personal development and helps like-minded individuals develop leadership skills and the right attitude and mindset for success.

Mayank (Max) also serves as the President at PICMasters Toastmasters Club, a public speaking club at Microchip Technology dedicated to improving people’s communication and leadership skills. He mentors many club members and helps them develop into competent and confident leaders.

Outside of his professional world, Mayank (Max) also enjoys playing guitar and Latin ballroom dancing (Salsa On 2/Mambo to be specific).

  • Work
    • Microchip Technology
  • Education
    • Arizona State University