Mayank Verma

I am a young and flexible Social Media Guru, Virtual Assistant and Web/Graphic Designer operating to build strong, industrial relationships with business. I welcome new challenges and assignments; and have a good record of providing skilled assistance, whatever your budget. With my work ethic of prompt delivery and good communication, I can make considerable difference to your business. I am a certified Internet Consultant, and have been running my Internet Consultancy since March 2009. I provide solo service professionals,with intelligent business support so that they can spend more time doing what they do best! I do this by taking a lot of the day-to-day administrative and marketing tasks off their hands. Prior to starting my business I had worked as a Fashion Photographer of various advertising agencies, Graphic Designer for my own College. I had also worked on many Freelance Web / Graphic Design Projects. I hold a Bachelor of Computer Application degree in Computer Science, as well as various programming and IT-related certifications. I am also a certified HIPAA professional. Since becoming an Internet Consultant in 2008 I have specialized in Online Business Management, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Wordpress, Google Local Search/GMaps Optimization & Graphics and have an international client base. I pride myself on working with my clients personally, and providing them with world class administrative support. My Clients are busy solo professionals who are looking to develop a long-term, collaborative, partnership with an online business manager. They fully understand the value of partnering with an Internet Professional and what it can bring to their business. I am currently living in Ratangarh, India with my Family. When I am not busy running my business I enjoy photography, manipulating images and planning my weekly schedule. I also love to travel and very much fascinated by studio lifestyle.