Maya Peters

Research Associate in Public Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Hello Internet!

I’m Maya and I love food. And food blogs. I could spend all day browsing recipe archives, admiring the beautiful photos, and generally getting way too excited about making them myself. At any given moment I probably have 50+ recipes bookmarked on Google Chrome, waiting for their chance to be created.

This all began in college, when I became a vegetarian to avoid eating fried chicken every night in the dining hall. I had to be a lot more creative to eat healthily as a vegetarian, so I began “traveling” with my taste buds to other regions and cuisines: Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, etc.

Nowadays I suppose I would call myself more of a “flexitarian” than vegetarian, but who’s keeping track?

Another thing I love? Traveling! Who doesn’t? But, as a 23 year old with my share of student loans, I need to seriously budget to be able to go anywhere. So, don’t expect too many trendy and expensive ingredients on this blog – I’m looking at you, $17 jar of artisanal-raw-sprouted-paleo-vegan almond butter! However, I did major in biology so I try to be environmentally conscious where possible.

Thus, was born. This is a blog where I’ll share my cooking successes, disasters, international adventures, and other healthy lifestyle tidbits.



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