Maya Rizkala

Columbus, Ohio

Strengths Quest

One of my strengths was empathy, which is the ability to sense how other people may be feeling emotionally, understand the emotions, and desire to help the person express and act on the emotions. I identify with all of my strengths, but I feel the emergence of this strength now especially, as I am in the process of writing a personal statement for the application to my major. As I write the application, I am reminded of my empathy as a motive for wanting to become a dietitian, wanting to help other combat any emotional battles involved in diet. As aforementioned, empathy influences my academic life in that I chose a major that may highlight this strength. Empathy influences my social life in that I can often sense when a friend is troubled simply through nonverbal signals.

Wellness Test

I scored high in the career and creative portions of wellness. I am very comfortable with my major decision of Medical Dietetics. Additionally, I love participating in theatre, and I like to think creatively in class, whether it be in the sciences or humanities. On the other hand, I scored low in financial and emotional wellness. I still do not feel competent in the financial field, so I may visit the Student Wellness Center for financial help. I am also struggling with stress, but I feel optimistic that I am on an upward path emotionally based on efforts to live a more balanced life. I learned that I have both strengths to be proud of, and weaknesses to work on. My academic and creative wellness may help me to stay academically focused now and approach dietetics in a unique way in the future. If I improve my financial and emotional wellness, I may be living more comfortably in the future.

First Year Success Series

This past autumn, I attended a First Year Success Series seminar on anxiety. There, the presenter first defined anxiety and then explained how to identify it, how to cope with it, and how to avoid it in the future. Anxiety was defined as a mechanism of defense within the “fight, flight, or freeze” mechanism. Symptoms include sweating, and shakiness. Ways to cope include breathing techniques and squeezing and unsqueezing the hands. Test anxiety can be avoided by adequate preparation for an exam. With this newly acquired information about anxiety, I feel that I am better equipped to handle future exams and stressful life experiences.

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