Maya Sissoko

SF Bay Area

When you step down from my massage table you will feel like you just traveled to another time and place, experiencing the restorative get-away for which you came. My intuitive approach is based on 20 years of experience massaging adults, children, and babies. I “listen” with my whole body and “speak” with my hands, allowing me to identify and knead away your pain, fatigue, and stress.

My training at Educating Hands and The Touch Research Intstitue prepared me to work on adults, children and babies. For adults the benefits of massage include:

· Enhanced sleep quality
· Strengthened immunity
· Greater energy
· Increased circulation
· Relief of migraines
· Greater flexibility and joint freedom

For babies, children, and teens, the benefits include:

· Deeper sleep
· Signifigant weight gain in preemies
· Reduced levels of stress
· Increased focus and attention
· Greater self-regulation of emotions
· Enhanced neurological development
· Reduction of depression and anxiety
· Improved immune system functioning

Please call me at (415) 889-3519 or email me at to discuss your needs and goals.

"A massage by Maya is more than just a massage. It is truly both a healing and luxurious experience. Even though she listens carefully, she seems to innately understand what a body needs and has a magical touch. After one of her massages I feel like I’m floating on air for hours!" -SF Client

"The thing that really stands out is that you are always so calm. I never feel rushed or that you are watching a clock or have anything else in the world to do but concentrate on me!! So often even though the massage is good the person isn’t “present” and that causes a much different experience. Blissful!" -Hillborough Client

  • Work
    • Massage Therapist
  • Education
    • Educating Hands School of Massage Miami, Florida
    • New York University
    • Bank Street Graduate School of Education