Maya Kvas

Do you want to be fit and healthy?

Do you want to feel amazing, full of energy and in a positive set of mind?

Do you want to feed your body with healthy food and at the same time get your dream body faster than ever?

If your answer is YES you found great place to start your new healthy fit journey.

Getting fit is fun, sweaty and it gives you such a rewarding feeling that you just don't want to stop.

If you are interested in getting all this and more contact me for more information on how to change your life for better.

Little bit about me ...

My free spirit always tries to find unique ways to explore new varieties towards a healthy, peaceful and loving way of life. I am a personal fitness instructor, a freestyle yoga enthusiast and now a Nirvana Fitness instructor. Meditation, positive thinking and compassion towards everybody and everything together with a vegan way of life have brought me to the point where I am now. I am breathing in new experiences.