Maya Walker

Love burst forth in spring --

Collapsing space and time...

Breaking heart in pieces.

Oh, the magic of facebook! Oh, the infinite possibilities of love hidden in your algorithm! Here in ethereality, I have found my one true love.

This is how it happened. Or maybe it didn't happen at all, and I'm just cogitating, making believe in something I 've only glimmered, but never experienced. Maybe my imagination is just so wild that I would concoct a love story such as this, where someone adores me just as much as I adore him. From infinity to infinity.

I was 7. Sweet and innocent, clinging to the memory of our former radiance in a previous life where we were blissful together. I let go of your hand for a second and lost you, but you promised we would meet again.

And suddenly, there you stood, under a cobblestone archway, and I knew. Love had left a trail of stardust so that I might find my way home to you.