Maya Yadid

professional loser in Atlanta, Georgia

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im maya and heres some info about me:

im taken piss off you badgering bastards

im bigender-- everlessly changing between being androgynous and a demigirl.

im a panromantic gray-asexual.

oh dear, we are deeply delving into the special snowflake zone now. may god guide our souls through this dangerous journey.

anyhoo,i enjoy doodling the random crap that comes to my mind, obsessing over my many sons and OFF, writing poems and fanfiction sometimes, and debating with people on:

feeling the bern

"special snowflake" topics

and more...!

because this is my personal account, be prepared for art, my pLATONIC LOVE FOR Z AC H A R I E, odd selfies, me attempting to be a photographer, and memes. basically, welcome to hell.