That Girl

California, United States

Because I'm that girl. Yeah, I said it. I'm her. The one you love to hate. The one who has been there done that. The one who went to UCLA and got her psych degree. The one who went and got her Master's degree a week later. The one who has a blossoming career, a beautiful boyfriend and a six pack to boot. Don't worry, I even hate my equivalents out there. Dumb bitches- think they're hot shit.

But, here's the secret side of being "that girl." I've also been divorced after 1.5 years of marriage and 3 years of dating, emotionally abused, had my heart broken, lost my first love, found my soul mate and lost him. I've learned my lessons the hard way, and wished at the end of each schooling, that SOMEONE would have told me- You're an idiot. Or even bothered to ask "What the hell are you thinking?" Seriouysly, why is this so hard for our society these days? Everyone is too nice and, as a result, we have become a society of bitches, pussies and losers. I miss the good old days when that dick head who makes the slimy comment gets punched in the face- and isn't allowed to sue the puncher.

Anyways, regardless of what they are, I'm here to answer your love, work or friendship questions. If they have to do with relationships- I'm interested and willing to help. Conditions are- I will only answer one to two questions a week, I will keep your identity very private and I WILL POST your question and my answer. What you can count on? Me. I will not bullshit you. I will not be your yes woman and I certanly won't let you make a huge mistake. Not if I can help it. So, ladies, mens ( this is how I refer to them- not a typo) ask away. AND PLEASE, give me the back story under 500 words. I don't have all day.

BE WARNED: the reason you are asking a stranger for advice is because no one will tell you the truth. So get ready, because you're probably not going to like what I have to say.

  • Education
    • Masters from UCI, Bachelors from UCLA