May Eros


I am a professional masseuse working in Eros erotic massage. I am proudly be the best erotic masseuse in London.

My Taoist erotic massage is about creating an inner experience. Ordinary sex always aims to the orgasm, and to the release of vital sexual energy. It will bring you a moment of enjoyment and feeling of release. Tension is released, and the desire is satisfied for a moment. On other hand, we are also often tired, have lost our vitality, and are inhibited from love making for a time while the energy rebuilds. Taoist erotic massage uses this sexual energy in a totally different way.

This allows us to make love for longer, and gives us the ability to go deeper. You will immerse yourself into this moment, into the loving embrace, and forget the end. Taoist love making can last hours. This way we can experience the ecstasy of loving for as long as we like.

This very sexy and sensual massage for men incorporates traditional Tantric and Taoist practices, and establishes firmly the relationship between giver and receiver. It includes your full backside, arms, legs, head, chest, groin, and lingam, culminating in a hand release if desired.

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