Mayette Ostonal

Paralegal and Office Administrator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I always pay attention to how people describe themselves - do they disclose their profession first or their marital status? Do they focus on past accomplishments or do they talk excitedly about their future goals? How shall I describe myself on my page?

Conscientious, adaptable, persevering, unflappable, dependable, professional, loyal, witty - all words used by others to describe me. It would be rude to argue.

I am not sure what this page is supposed to bring me, but if there is anything I have learned, it's that sometimes the thing you want most gets handed to you before you realize you even wanted it. I am not saying I have lived my life with no direction, but I have had a lot of help along the way, being steered one way or the other. Perhaps it is not the ideal way for some or most to live their life, but it seems to work best for me.

So, go ahead - throw something at me and let's see where it lands.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts (English) - Simon Fraser University
    • Paralegal Diploma - Capilano College
    • Bachelor of Legal Studies - Capilano University (in progress)