May Frimpong

Portsmouth, England

Hey there, i'm May a fun, outgoing and enthusiastic 18 year old Creative Media student studying at South Downs College who aspires to be a Marketing Executive. I am currently looking for an entry level position as a Marketing professional. My skills and experience include:

Marketing- I received a distinction grade for one of my assignments at college where i had to set up an Advertising and Marketing plan for my own independent Marketing company. Marketing being the profession that i want to specialise in, acheiving a distinction grade has boosted my confidence to put in time and effort to achieve this goal.

Photography- Photography being one of the units I specialised in at college I received distinctions in all assignments, I have a knowledgeable understanding of different types of photography, terminology, composition, rule of thirds, depth of field and photography in the media and able to photograph eye catching shots to meet the demands of a specific brief.

Journalism- I studied Journalism at college as part of my creative media diploma and recieved 2 distinctions. Due to this, I am able to write articles, columns and reviews aimed at a specific audience. You can find all my journalism work on my blogger if you are interested in reading any of my articles.

Graphics- I am able to use photoshop, illustrator and other adobe softwares to create visually appealing graphics, illustrations, typography and web designs to meet the demands of a specific brief.

Radio- I have relevant experience when it comes to radio presenting, producing a radio podcast, running orders, Producing advertisements for a specific target audience, good knowledge of the music industry, PRS and setting up your own radio station.

Communication skills- I have a good understanding of cultural affairs and different ways of communicating whithin the media such as the audience theory and techniques to stand out in such a competitive industry.

Creative Media Sector- As the creative media sector is a very competitive industry, I have learnt and developed a good understanding of the creative media as a whole and how companies operat

  • Education
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