Maygen Bennett

My name is Maygen Bennett and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Whitakers N.C. and still to this day live in the city. Whitakeres however is not much of a city. We only have one caution light and if you are driving through and blick you've missed us. I grew up with a younger sister. I had a great childhood. I got my first car and license when I turned 16. My first car was a red Honda Accord. I loved that car. At age 18 I graduated from Halifax Academy and moved out on my own. Where I started attending Nash Community College. It was when I was 19 that my life changed the most. I lost both of my gradmothers and my parents seperated. In 2008 I left Nash Community and started at ECU. I am still working on my degree. This will be a huge year for me. I am getting married in April and I am set to graduate in December. I can't wait!