Sean Anderson

31 Clay St Pawtucket RI

I've been involved in the martial arts for over 3 decades, started out in standard styles such as kenpo, shotokan, and then moved on to MMA Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I started focusing my time training in combative styles like Libre Knife Fighting, Analytical Combat and dedicated a lot of time learning various styles of Filipino Martial Arts. Today I teach Mayhem Combatives which is a collection of the styles mentioned above with a strong emphasis on Panantukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing".

To me training really is a journey so I started a vblog called "The quest for combative truth" which started as a search for the ultimate set of concepts and techniques and has turned into a journey of personal growth and development. My goal is to train and unite like-minded warriors in this quest and create lasting realationships through combatives training.

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