Desiree Leilani

Oceanside, California

Desiree Leilani is a 25 year old young female in Southern California with one mission in mind; Lay the proper foundation to the youth of America through jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA in general. She is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as in Judo, and recently received the status of "Kru" in Muay Thai. She instructs beginners/intermmediate level Muay Thai and Children's jiu jitsu out of AfterMath Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Southern California. As well as being trained in different areas of MMA, she is also a certified NASM/ISSA personal trainer, specializing in Sports Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and MMA Strength & Conditioning. She provides private personal training and nutritional coaching to men, women and athletes, as well as offers support, guidance, and mentorship. Through MMA, she hopes to help build and sculpt the minds of the young children she works with, aswell as one day be a heavily sought after FEMALE MMA coach.

  • Work
    • OTM Fight Shops
  • Education
    • Nation Academy for Sports Medicine
    • California State University San Marcos
    • Palomar College
    • MMA Conditioning Association
    • International Sports Sciences Association