May King Tsang

Professional Live Tweeter, Social Media Correspondent, and FOMO Creator in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Hello everyone. My name is May King Tsang. My first name is May King.

I am a FOMO* Creator : helping conferences, workshops, festivals and summits to sell out by creating excitement beyond the four walls, on Social Media with the aim of encouraging viewers of my client's Social Media content to book onto the next conference, workshop, festival or summit.

I do this by:

🤘 Live Tweeting on behalf of the conference organiser, live tweeting speakers, engaging with attendees and interviewing sponsors.

🤘 I carry out FB Live interviews with speakers, attendees and sponsors.

🤘 I repurpose videos on LinkedIn and Instagram.

All of my content is live on the day of the conference, but I can also create a FOMO* campaign with my clients in the leadup to a conference to help sell tickets.

And I do all this all from my branded mic (customised to each client) and my smartphone.

Getting hashtags to trend is my specialty and I have

🤘 helped hashtags to trend in Australia, Ireland, UK and the US.

🤘 I have also created lots of content for past clients on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn which they repurpose for marketing for their next conference.

* Fear Of Missing Out

SPECIALITIES > Social Media Correspondent | FOMO Creator | Professional Live Tweeter | Twitter Speaker | Twitter Trainer | Twitter Strategist