May King Tsang

represents Google UK as Business Mentor / Speaker, Live Tweeter, and Tea Consultant in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Hello there. My name is May King Tsang. My first name is May King and my business is May King Tea

I am a Tea Note Speaker, Live Tweeter and lover of #teapuns.

I am a big believer in PracTEAce what I Teach and when I moved back to the UK, September 2016, I rebuilt my business from scratch. By being more focussed on my social media straTEAgy, within 18 months I have appeared on TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, and videos that have been viewed globally. All of these opportuniTEAs came from Twitter and I show tea businesses and other small business owners how they can get better use of Twitter through coaching, workshops and Tea Note Speaking engagements.

I also represented Google as a Business Mentor and Speaker on various subjects such as Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, branding, and relationship building.

I have also been a Tea Note Speaker on subjects such as Social Media StraTEAgy and Twitter, in Australia, Lithuania and the UK. Some of my presentations can be found on

Live Tweeting is an under utilised strategy for businesses that run events. It is one of the services that I offer and I have helped events to trend locally, nationally and globally in Australia and in the UK.

Want to get in touch? I'm only a tweet away on @maykingtea