May Lee

Midland, TX

Hi! I'm May. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan on May 26, 1998. I moved to America when I was 2 and a half and lived in California for 5 years. Then I moved to Midland, Texas. I have two sisters. My favorite animal is a tiger and my favorite color of orange. I like to play the piano, violin, oboe, and saxophone. I also like to play volleyball, basketball, and run. I like chocolate and gummy bears...ecspecially the mini ones that you can buy at HEB. I've always wanted to go to Australia and I'm gonna live there when I grow up (hopefully). I try to be a nice person and I hope I am... I'm afraid of the dark but I love heights and adrenaline rush kind of things. I love rollercoasters and I want to learn to surf. In Australia.

  • Work
    • uh none
  • Education
    • Trinity School