Maylin Cardoso Fuentes

Miami, Florida, United States

I love art. I love learning. I love thinking. I love music. I love having fun. I love my family, my friends. Everyone does; it's what connects us at a general scale.

Then what makes us different?

I love graphic design, sketching, and painting. I love the humanities, sciences, and languages. I love classical, pop, alternative, EDM, and rock. I love spending time in nature and playing video games. I love the parents and best friends that are only unique to me. this is what creates me.

I'm also imperfect, just like everybody else. Perfection is an illusion that only people displaced from reality achieve. That's why we have dreams. To imagine the perfection we can't have.

To put it simply, I'm me. I also have a lot of thoughts that I like to share and compare with others.