Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification

Teacher, Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, California

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I started teaching prenatal yoga right after my first regular teacher training in 2001. I knew nothing about the process of creating them (except of course the basics). At the time, most of the training for prenatal was about what NOT to do. My students were mostly uncomfortable, anxious, and needing a strong practice as much as anyone else.

I was so nervous about hurting the baby that I wasn’t enjoying it much either. Pretty soon I began to remember that nature is the most powerful force we know. It’s impossible to turn a waterfall around. If nature wants to move in a direction, she’s going to go there.

So, like other times in life when we are completely not in control of what’s happening, I began to see pregnancy as a wonderful opportunity to begin to embrace this power within us; to listen to this inner intelligence; and to redicscover our ability to love what is inside of us.

As a Kinesiologist and Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, I had learned specific theapeutic alignment principles and I began adjusting them to address the needs of pregnant women. I call them the 5 Sacred Steps, and each principle continues to guide me as a prenatal yoga teacher to this day. I started guiding other prenatal teachers through The Yoga of Pregnancy teacher training weekends starting in 2004.