Founder and CEO in Los Angeles, California

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Hi. I’m Merrick, a global problem solver and people person. I’d be acknowledged as an anthropologist and computer scientist if I had a degree. I started my career as a hybrid designer, engineer, animator, and copywriter in my early teens. 25+ years later, I research, write, design, engineer, produce, and animate pop culture.

After contributing to the development of Macromedia Flash, I founded and built one of the fastest-growing creative agencies in the world, Tangible Worldwide. As Tangible’s CEO and CCO, I led technology, creative, and brand strategy for over 40% of the Fortune 50, including the Global Fortune 1.

After an experimental surgery saved my life, I found my calling and dedicated my life and resources to science. As founder and CEO of The Mega Smart Company, I’m now rebranding “science” to make science as revered and entertaining as science fiction.

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