Mark Young

One of my foundational learnings during my 25+ years in Allstate Field Sales Leadership is "STAFFING" determines the success (short & long term) of every Allstate agency. "Leadership", in the form of "clear" goals and the "training" necessary to achieve those goals also play important roles. From your first day to each year thereafter Allstate gives you goals and other metrics to measure your success within the Allstate framework. The foundational tools of RECRUITING, HIRING, & TRAINING are often left to vendors who have limited knowledge of the prerequisites of successful LSP hiring, training, and installation. As a former Allstate Field Sales Leader who worked with 25-30 agencies each year and appointed 3-4 new Allstate agencies, I know what's necessary to insure you achieve the goals in your "Cash Flow" or "Dealership Performa". Whether it's recruiting, hiring, and training LSP's or learning to "navigate" within the Allstate Insurance "back room" support systems I can help you achieve your "new agency" business goals and plans with personalized assistance.