Tati Díaz

Hey there!

I'm just a regular girl looking forward to stablish my own brand. I've always been described as a creative, dreamer, enthusiastic, positive, trustworthy, patient, honest, responssible and perseverant girl. I believe in team work all the way and I love design, fashion and photography. English and Spanish are my main languages but I'm also trying to learn Japanesse.

Currently, I'm an Strategic Design (A carreer focused on building professional designers who by strategy will bring and become the solution to many social problems.) student at Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera in El Salvador. One of my hobbies is to create something beautiful and useful out of things people don't use anymore. I also spent my time singing and trying to get people around me to smile. Drawing, designing and following the latest trends on fashion (even if It doesn't look like I do...but you'd be surprised!) are some of my favorite things to do. I belive that dreaming BIG things is the key to success, regardless to what people may think about it.

It would be nice meeting you!

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PS. If you study design or just like design, innovation and/or fashion or anything else you would want to talk about DON'T be shy and e-mail me! I'd like to know what your interests are! :)

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