Jeremy Smith


Hello everybody, this is certainly my first article, hence I will introduce myself.

I'm Jeremy Smith, I'm just 23 and live in California. I love technology generally speaking together with videogames, however you could already noticed that from the blog's title.

I played my first video game 10 years ago, and so from that moment I began to enjoy them. Today, this blog is born and inside this there'll be all my interests... but why?

Given that between my friends in real life I'm the only person who loves PCs together with videogames, I would like to share this passion with someone all over the world, someone that actually enjoys videogames and so reads meticulously and enjoyably my articles. I'm not going to post randomly bullshit or something just like that, I want my readers to follow me due to the real utility of my guides as well as the news I enable you to get now and then. We have something in common, I will not let you down!

And that's just about all regarding this introduction post, I hope you will follow me! Stay tuned, given that very soon you'll see new posts having guides and news!

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