Mayrav Herman

San Francisco, California, United States

Hi, I'm Mayrav. I revel in the process of creating elegant, engaging interfaces. And effective interfaces are built around an empathy for human needs. Before I called myself a designer, I pursued an empathetic outlook in a variety of settings. As a political science major in undergrad, I sought to understand the human components behind international relations and conflict resolution. Through my research, I examined not just the events that led to conflict, but why they did. This same desire to understand others drove me to experience Israel. I was never content with simply traveling--I wanted to understand the culture of the people around me by immersing myself in it. Whether it was studying politics in Jerusalem, researching the psychology of terrorist inmates in Israeli prisons, or volunteering with Sudanese refugees in South Tel Aviv, I found empathy to be my most important asset.

Interface inefficiencies bother me more than bees at a picnic. I take ownership and care deeply for products I work on. Simply put, I care about user experience.

  • Education
    • General Assembly. UCSD. NYU. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.